Create your own Financial Plan


Title : Create your own Financial Plan

Date : Every Saturday

Time : 4:00 p.m.

Duration : 45 Mins

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Create your own Financial Plan in just 30 mins 
Financial planning is a scientific process of allocating your hard earned money into various different financial instruments available in the market with a clear understanding of why, where and how of each investment option along with risk and returns associated with each instrument.
By the end of this session, you will
  • Have a clear expense management and budgeting mechanism
  • Have clarity on savings & investment.
  • Create a robust financial plan for yourself
This session is for those who
  • Don’t know where his/her money is being spent
  • Don’t know how to begin savings / Investments
  • Don’t know which insurance plan is right for them
  • Want to save taxes
Come with open mind, a book and pen


Shasirekha Raghavan is from Mumbai, the financial capital of the country and the city of dreams to many. Having spent most part of her life in this city, was fortunate to experience the awesome enthusiasm & tireless efforts of people spending a lot of time at their work and commute to make their money.

A lot of times, while watching people working so hard, made her think, are they focusing enough on their hard-earned money work as passionately as they are working?

This thought held on to and motivated her to assist people in making their money work harder than them.

Fortunately, she is able to do this as she was lucky to be in the financial sector and got exposed to best of the corporates. This two decades of experience helped her understand how to make one’s hard-earned money work harder and create wealth for generations.

This helped to start what she loved & dreamt to do i.e. helping people find their perfect path to financial freedom.

Her endeavor is to reach out to all hardworking & busy people like you, who lack time to read & understand financial products and choose the perfect options to create wealth for themselves.